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Innovative and experienced engineering

At the heart of the largest network of railway speciality engineers in Europe

The multidisciplinary teams in the MASTERIS Engineering department master more than 90 railway specialities. With this broad range of expertise, they work on all types of rolling stock:

​High-speed carriages
Tram-train and tramway
​Self-propelling electric and thermal trains
​Locomotives and locotractors

Five core business lines dedicated to optimising rolling stock performance:

MASTERIS supports its clients throughout the rolling stock life cycle with an adapted service offer. Developed around 5 key themes, the engineering solutions portfolio meets the main needs identified:

Contracting authority support:
Preparing and supporting our clients’ key projects

Guaranteeing rolling stock reliability:
Working towards “0 failure” on track

Maintenance studies:
Optimising rolling stock availability and maintenance organisation; reducing maintenance costs

Renovation and modernisation studies:
Restoring the stock’s potential

Remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance solutions:
Exploiting train data

Contracting authority support

Masteris supports its clients in preparing and executing their large-scale projects:

- Acquisition of new stock
- Renovation/refurbishment of rolling stock
- Definition and preparation of mid-life-cycle operations
- Identification and handling of simple or complex obsolescence
- Upgrading and resale of rolling stock


Definition of the scope of mid-life-cycle operations for Clermont-Ferrand tramways, including carrying out expert assessments on sub-systems

Assistance technique dans l’achat de nouvelles locomotives Diesel

Guaranteeing rolling stock reliability

Rolling stock availability is a major concern for our clients. MASTERIS applies tried and tested methodologies to improve a fleet’s reliability:

- Identification and classification of failures
- Calculation of the potential to improve reliability
- Analysis of root causes
- Acquisition of on-track measurements
- Determination and monitoring of action plans


Guaranteeing the reliability of the air conditioning system on CITADIS carriages

Guaranteeing the reliability of the Onboard RADIO system on E300 carriages

Maintenance studies

The MASTERIS maintenance study offering includes 4 service categories.

The aim: to optimise fleet availability and/or maintenance costs.

The diagnosis phase is essential and provides an overview of the maintenance organisation, to be able to target improvements.

- Maintenance technical diagnosis
- Optimisation of maintenance cycles
- Optimisation of the potential of systems or rolling stoc
- Adaptation of maintenance frameworks to operation

Refurbishment and modernisation studies

Masteris has strong experience in the field of renovating and modernising existing rolling stock.  The aim of our services is to restore potential to rolling stock.


Assistance with the ERTMS upgrade of DE18 locomotives to BL3

Calculation of ERTMS braking curves (KDRY coefficient) on Crossrail rolling stock

Project execution support

Masteris offers engineering support for studies carried out within the framework of renovation or modernisation programmes.


Integration of a TBL1+ signalling system on E300 fleet

Integration of TVM430 and KARM signalling systems on G1206 locomotives

Assistance with the integration of TVM430 and KARM signalling systems on DE18 locomotives

Mid-life-cycle renovation of high-speed fleet. Comprehensive renovation of vehicles, including the interior design and exterior livery

Integration and project magement studies

MASTERIS carries out studies for the integration and approval of onboard technical solutions to improve the operation and/or reliability of rolling stock.


Training staff on KVB / EuroKVB, TVM, ERTMS, ATESS and RADIO safety equipment maintenance

Integrated Logistics Support Service on TVM430 systems on G1206

Integrated logistics support studies

Masteris engineering teams study and provide Integrated Logistics Support solutions within the framework of installing new sub-systems.


Management of several authorisation files for rolling stock modernisation:

PBKA renovation

B E300 class signalling modernisatio

TVM 430 G1206 signalling modernisation

IZY renovation

Admission studies

We offer support to our clients in the admission phase for modifications made to a train fleet, with national and European bodies

Remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance solutions

Masteris offers a comprehensive remote diagnosis, hardware and software solution, enabling the transmission of train’s IoT and TCMS data on the wayside for post-processing with our dedicated MASTER_SUITE software.

Continuous remote diagnosis and monitoring of data optimises:
- the level of in-service support by viewing the trains’ sanitary condition

preventive maintenance with continuous train monitoring during commercial service,

- strengthened corrective maintenance by anticipating faults from breakdown precursors and data stored in databases (Big Data),

With its in-depth knowledge of rolling stock systems, MASTERIS supports its Clients in data analysis, alert creation and establishing predictive maintenance models, to achieve the optimisation goals set by common agreement.

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